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Why Anushka Sharma Sui Dhaaga Memes have been Dominating Social Media

Not long after the trailer release of Bollywood’s upcoming film Sui Dhaaga, the internet acquired the film’s lead actor Anushka Shamra as the new target for generating chuckles.

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While the release of the trailer has unleashed a wave of anticipation amongst fans, laughter has also swept over the internet as one of Anushka’s distraught expressions from the clip has caught the eyes of the public.

The inventive, crafty and absolute comical memes that have been circulating on social media show a distressed-Anushka collocated in different scenarios in the most amusing of ways.

The snickers have become never-ending, in spite of the film showcasing a serious message, centered on a tailor named Mauji and his embroidery-expert wife Mamta, as it explores the themes of conquest of love, self-reliance and dignity.

— Deepika (@DeepikaNutrite) August 21, 2018

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