Things to Do When You Have a Headache

A headache can have many causes:

Tension, sinus, eyestrain, migraine, shoot level of blood, or brain tumor in rare cases.

Depending on the intensity of your headaches, the following information may be helpful:

Ice pack

What is good for a headache?

  1. Apply an ice pack or heat up your neck and head.
  2. Softly massage the muscles of your neck and scalp.
  3. Follow exercises & workouts which relaxes your body and muscles.
  4. Take aspirin, or an aspirin alternate, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  5. Use proper medicines, if you have nasal congestion.
  6. Decrease emotional and physical stress from your life, such as rage, eyestrain, or noise.
  7. Keep away from foods which activate headaches, such as expired cheeses, chocolate, nuts, alcohol, red wine, avocados, or pickled foods.
  8. What drinks are good for headaches is a really worthy question Warm lemon water, ginger tea, and liquid fish oil are most effective.

Relax your Body

If none of these works, visit any food specialist who can help you determine a cause and manage the pain.


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