Sridevi Diet plan, Workout, Fitness secrets, Beauty and Makeup Tips

Only few ladies of Bollywood industry shines ever like stars in the sky. Sridevi, mother of two children have stunning personality and spectacular looks. She ruled on box office for many years and maintains her outstanding appearance till now. You can find Secrete of sridevi beauty in this article.

Beauty Secrets of Sridevi

Age of sridevi is 54 years but she looks like 30 year old girl with blush on her skin.Height of attractive actress is 5.6 and weight 56 kg.

Splendid Hair Growth

Blood circulation matters a lot in hair growth. Sridevi believed to follow natural remedies and have routine of hair message regularly. She always avoidsusing chemical based products.

Makeup Routine of Sridevi

She never mess up her skin with salon’s chemical treatment always use La Prairie Platinum cream in the place of base. Use eyeliner to enhance the beauty of eyes & gloss to make her lips more attractive.

 Diet Plan of Sridevi

She always avoids having junk food and unhygienic foodstuff. Always take healthy diet 5 times a day.

  • Day start with warm water and have some lemon or herbal drink.
  • Breakfast with oat meal, nuts and fresh fruits.
  • Lunch is always with salad and sometime with salmon fish or lentils.
  • Dinner with vegetable curry or vegetable soup
  • In snacks she gets peanuts, fresh fruit and dark chocolate
  • Eat with small intervals to boost her metabolism level.
  • Drink plenty of water to reduce fat and extra chemicals from her body.

Exercise or workout of sridevi

  • She is used to do power yoga to control her physical appearance.
  • In start of day jogging in fresh air.
  • She always likes to have tennis session with friends.
  • High cardio gym workouts.

Hair care & Skin Care

  • Long & Shinny hair is evidence of hair message benefits.
  • Use rose water and glycerin mixture to maintain freshness of skin.
  • Always remove makeup before going to sleep.
  • Sridevi suggests, use minimal makeup to protect skin from chemical based products.

She always believes happiness always reflects from your face in the form of glow.


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