Neetu Kapoor Diet Plan, Workout, and Fitness Secrets

“You can be a good 60, a good 50 or a good 40 years old – it all depends on you,” says Neetu Kapoor as she dishes on how she maintains herself with ghar ka khaana and exercise”



Star kid, Star actress, star wife and star mother Neetu Kapoor start working as child artist then heroine with great success. Next step of life to have Rishi Kapoor as husband. God blessed her with two kids but she always maintain her fitness.


Strange thing is 58 years Neetu looks like 30 year girl. What is secret behind it?

Some of things Neetu followed in her life have a look:

Always behave actively


She said my life is focused on my work, my fitness routine and my yoga trainer Yogesh helps me to behave actively.

 Gym is not compulsory


But you do need Yogesh, or someone like him, says Neetu. “He can stand in the middle of the footpath and make you work out. He doesn’t need a gym,” she laughs.

She said with great laugh you do not need to join gym do your workouts on footpath or in your house yard but you must have trainer like Yogesh.

The person who helps to maintain my fitness with high intensity interval workout with different yoga steps.

 Burn your calories as you can

Your metabolism rate must be managed. Burn your calories with workouts like fat burning workout, deep squads and work out to improve bone density.

Choose workouts as a challenge


Neetu tried high calorie burner tricks like high jumping, boxing, and kicking.

These all helps to maintain calories level on daily basis.

 You need your own time

People think exercise is not important like taking bath, eating and brushing your teeth.

Neetu said ignorance can make all the life messy, because my mom suffered from lot of diseases like high blood pressure, high rate of cholesterol and diabetes.

She said I followed the eating way of my mother, I had to suffer same type of troubles. Make exercise part of your life and enjoy fat free active life.


Reduce Sugar level in your food

Never delete sweets from your life but have some healthy ingredients like oat cookies and without sugar chocolates.

Neetu shared that she must have two pieces of dark chocolates at night daily.


Neetu’s Diet plan & eating habits

diet plan

She followed some diet strategy daily:


She always take breakfast at 10 am

She takes papaya approximately a bowl and have two egg whites on toast and sugar free tea.

Noon Meal

She takes next meal at 12 noon:

Fruits are more helpful to keep anyone fresh. She used to take Watermelon and a glass of buttermilk in noon.



She strictly follow the lunch time and take at 2 pm:

Have1 roti with lentils/chicken /fish or dry sabzi.

After Noon

At 4 pm she takes some nuts to maintain her protein level.

5 almonds and 2 walnuts help her to overcome her hunger.

Evening Snacks

She takes 2 cream crackers at 6 pm

Pre-Dinner Drink

Just before 2 hours of dinner she takes fresh vegetable or fruit juice.


She always takes Dinner at 10 pm.

1 roti with dal or anda bhurji.

Neetu broke the great secrete of her nutritionist that 2 cups of vegetables and 3 fruits have enough fiber for full day.

 Reduce oil

Oil matters a lot in one’s life. Neetu told, her meal is cooked in just 3 tbs of oil and only one ghee spoon is allowed in whole day.


To boil or saute any ingredient just olive oil is allowed in her kitchen.

 Stay away from fatty foods

Neetu like to have Japanese & Lebanese food items she never compromise on fitness. So she don’t want to have  even1 paratha in her breakfast.

Be happy to look more attractive


Sadness makes you dull and lazy. The best thing is to make your soul satisfied and happy.

If your inner is happy your appearance must represent your inner feelings.

Never blame your age


“You can be a good 60, a good 50 or a good 40 years old – it all depends on you. Be disciplined and consult your doctor for supplements.”

Don’t blame your age. Just go to your doctor to get supplements for your health and keep enjoy your 60 or 50 years old age.

Passion makes you more stunning


Fitness and good looks possible when you worked for it with great passion. She told I want to keep my hubby happy by improving my looks even after years of marriage.


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