Mahnoor Baloch Diet Plan, Workout, and Fitness Secrets


Mahnoor Baloch got us in trance how is this possible a grandmother looks like a 30 years girl.
Her looks are amazing and fabulous. Is she have any magic? Can we try it too?
Mahnoor Baloch shared her beauty secret with Dawn news and suggest to her fans some fitness tips.

Use of Moisturizer

mahnoor baloch

She advised must use some moisturizer before going to bed. In this way your skin cure up and looks fresh.

Use of Sunblock

mahnoor baloch

Protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays and always use sunblock when go outside day time.

Drink plenty of water

mahnoor baloch

She advised having plenty of water in a day to get fresh skin and to resolve obesity issues. Water helps to dissolve fats in your body.

Take Health Supplements

mahnoor baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is a grandmother but no one can rely on this reality. This shows age does not affect your looks. According to her, consult your nutritionist and get prescription for your body deficiency. Get supplements and enjoy healthily and fit life.

Some supplements she mentioned in her interviews like Ester-C, Magnesium and salmon oil.

Workout Routine

mahnoor baloch

She suggests the schedule of workout 30 minutes a day and 5 days compulsory in a week. Constant workout breaks down your muscles so take 2 days leave from work out and enjoy your normal habits.

Mahnoor Baloch Diet Plan

diet plan


She takes Vegetable Omelette with yougart and brown rice roti in breakfast.


She has lunch with chicken food, veggies & brown rice.
She advised to use coconut oil and quinoa in food and avoid ghee.

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