Mahira Khan Diet Plan, Workout, Fitness Secrets, Beauty & Makeup Tips and Secrets

The Bollywood movie Raees heroine “Mahira Khan” break her beauty secrete in a magazine. She told her skin care hacks and preferred products for the skin. She shared her attractiveness secrets on June publication of Vogue India magazine.

Water is the best cleanser

She always uses clean and fresh water to wash her face in this way she is safe from acne problem, pimples and face rashes.

Almond is best facial oil


She explodes this stash that I use almond hair oil on my face as the facial oil. She doesn’t have confidence over messaging. She loved to use facial oils to make her skin fresher and full of moisture.
Some days after having busy shoot routine, when skin looks dull and rough after constant makeovers she uses to applies almond oil all night.

Obsession with red lipstick

Red Lipstick

Mahira khan shared her fascination with a red lippie look. Red color always shows the passion and glamour. She always idealizes specific look of Rekha for their stunning appearances. She inspired from her mother the most.

Never stepped into  gym


Very strange fact of Mahira Khan’s life is “Never stepped in gym”
What are the secret of her perfect look and her fitness? Real Beauty never needs artificial supports & workouts. Her good habit is to drink plenty of water daily to control obesity.

Skin Natural Home Remedy

Mahira always prefers to believe in natural remedies for skin.
She is telling about a very effective remedy to cleanse skin and to improve glow on skin texture.


  • 1 tbs Honey
  • Lemon juice

How to use?

Take a container pour honey into the bowl, squeeze lemon and mix it well. Apply this mixture on the face and neck.
Spread properly on all face and leave for few minutes. Wash the face and get a clean skin with blushing effect.

Beauty Products

She preferred to visit European market to buy quality products for her beauty.

Honey Remedy

Diet Plan of Mahira Khan

Mahira Fitness

Blooming star of Lollywood and Bollywood Mahira khan shared her diet routine. She takes only two eggs with brown bread in the morning meal. She avoids to use market unhygienic food and prefer homemade cooking items for lunch & dinner.

According to her junk food is very harmful to health but she is crazy about burger and rice.

Mahira Beauty Secrets

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