Kapil Sharma Weight Loss Diet Plan, Workout and Fitness Secret

Kapil Sharma(born 2 April 1981), a Comedian, a good-looking Actor, an Anchor, a Singer, Film, and television producer. Kapil Sharma’s age 36 years old, weight 73 KG and her height is approximately 5 feet and 9 inches.

Kapil Sharma Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Kapil Sharma has simple diet plan he used to stay fit:

Kapil Sharama


In breakfast he eats 1 brown bread sandwich with egg omelet, lettuce and cabbage stuffed inside.

Kapil Sharama


In lunch, he just takes boiled broccoli.


In dinner, he only eats vegetables and mixed fruit salad with boiled brown rice.

Kapil Sharama

Kapil Sharma workout routine:

He is waking early in the morning at 6 AM and goes in support of cycling in favor of almost an hour. Then he does cardio exercises for 10 minutes. He carries out with the free weights for almost 20 minutes for build muscle.

Kapil Sharama

Kapil Sharma Fitness Secret:

  • Kapil Sharma always stays away from smoking and alcoholic drinks to keep himself fit and healthy.
  • He does not eat junk food and sugar based things.
  • He always uses simple diet plan for staying fit.
  • He never misses her workout no matter how hectic routine is.

Kapil Sharama

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