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Emran Anwar Hashmi (born 24th March 1979) is an Indian actor. His age is 39 years, height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches and weight is 75 kg. He is counted as one of the most popular and highest paid actors of the Indian cinema.

Emran Hashmi

Emran Hashmi Diet Plan:

Emran Hashmi Diet Plan

  • He says that stay away from junk food. It may be impossible in starting, but you must keep trying until you succeed.
  • He always avoids alcoholic drinks because these are harmful to health. They give you momentary relaxation but have long-term side effects on health.
  • He always keeps away from sweets and eats fresh fruit.
  • Rather than having extensive suppers, have a few little and nutritious ones. It will enable you to abstain from indulging and you will feel invigorated throughout the day.
  • He includes chicken, oats, fruits, chappatis, pulses, egg white, bread, fish, and butter in the daily diet.
  • Avoid spicy dishes because these are hard to digest.

Emran Hashmi Workout Routine:

Emran Hashmi says that “When I don’t work out, it seems like a sin to me.” He daily spends few hours in the gym. His exercise consists of full body workout, chest muscles, and yoga.

Emran Hashmi Workout

Full Body Workout:

He is not focusing on any specific body part to stay fit. He likes to do full body exercises that help him to develop all body muscles. You should include these exercises in daily workout routine for looking good.

Chest Muscles:

Emran says that, if he does not work out properly, his chest gets too bulky and ruins his entire look. He tries different exercises or push ups to keep his chest muscles in a good shape.


For looking dashing, yoga is an important fitness mantra for him. It helps him to keep calm and stress-free.

Emran Hashmi workout routine

Emran Hashmi Beard Style

Emran beard style

Emran's beard

Emran Hashmi Hair Style:

Emran's hairstyle

Emran Hashmi Hair style

Emran Hashmi Movies:

Here are some famous movies of Emran:

  • Jannat
  • Awarapan
  • Murder 2
  • Hamari Adhuri Kahani
  • Raaz Reboot
  • Aksar
  • Zeher
  • Gangster
  • The Dirty Picture

Emraan Hashmi



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