Arjun Kapoor Body Building Diet, Workout, Weight Loss and Hairstyles

Arjun Kapoor son of Boney Kapoor (born 26 June 1985), a famous Indian film actor. He is counted as highest paid actors in India. Arjun Kapoor’s age 32 years old, his height is approximately 6 feet and 1 inches and weight is about 87 kg.

Arjun Kapoor Body Building Diet:

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Arjun Kapoor is a foodie but he avoids eating junk and sugary foods and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Arjun Kapoor diet plan is given below:

Breakfast: He likes to eat 4-6 eggs whites, one egg yolk, toast with tea.

In lunch, he eats Chapattis with vegetable, daal, and chicken.

Snacks: One fruit and protein shake

In dinner, he eats chicken or fish with rice.

Arjun Kapoor Workout:

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Arjun Kapoor workout starts from the 30 minutes morning walk. After this, he goes to the gym and follows the instruction of his personal trainer Harry Ranson about the workout. In his workout Weight training, Cardio exercises, Circuit training, Pull-ups, bench press, and deadlifts are included.

Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss:

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Arjun’s Kapoor loss his weight by doing exercises and uses the proper diet. He strictly follows his diet plan and never miss the workout. Weight loss diet plan and workout plays an important role in Arjun’s life. Then he loss 53 kg weight in only two years.

Arjun Kapoor Hairstyles:

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Arjun Kapoor changes hairstyles according to new trends and movie acts. The fans of Arjun Kapoor likes to follow the hairstyles of Arjun Kapoor. The hairstyles detail of Arjun Kapoor are given below:

Arjun Kapoor hairstyle in Ki and Ka:

arjun kapoor

Arjun Kapoor hairstyle in 2 states:

hair style

Arjun Kapoor hairstyle in Mubarakan:

hair style

Arjun Kapoor hairstyle 2017:

hair style

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