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How to Whiten Teeth with Salt

Many people ask Is it good to brush your teeth with salt? The answer is yes salt has magical properties to cure all tooth related issues. Before the invention of toothpaste, ancestors used the only salt to clean their tooth. Some people of today’s world feel silly to use salt as tooth cleaner but table salt is really helpful to treat gum infections.

Nowadays different quality tooth pastes must have some ratio of salt because the worth of salt is medically proven.

Things we require for whiten teeth:

  • Salt
  • Toothbrush
  • Water

Instructions to use Salt for whiten teeth:


Salt for whiten teeth

  • Step 1

 I know you will feel funny because it will not make bubbles in your mouth and felt sour. If you apply regularly,   then you will see the yellowness of your teeth decrease, and your teeth will appear shiny.

  • Step 2

 Those people who are suffering from severe gum problems and it is difficult to use a brush, you can take some common salt in your hand and start rubbing your teeth gently. Gargle with warm water.

  • Step 3

 Wash out your mouth after using it and experience the difference.

What does salt do for your teeth?

Salt is great for your teeth because it will help you refill the lost mineral content of your teeth; hence not only cleansing your teeth but also making them more sparkling and bright.

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