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Tips to Hair Growth Faster with Oil

We spend most of our money on buying useless things and harmful products that damage our hairs instead of making them healthier.

Instead of using expensive products, always choose natural ingredients for hair growth.

So, here we are discussing two common things that can make your hairs grow faster.


Oils are essential for hair. They can keep hair moisturizing and helps them become longer. Many people ask a question Which oil make your hair grow faster?

How do I use rosemary oil for my hair?

Use rosemary oil and enjoy long hairs.

Rose marry oil for hair


  • Take 2-3 tsp of rosemary oil according to your hairs.
  • Dip your fingertips.
  • Massage your hairs and scalp with them.
  • Keep it overnight.
  • Rinse it off in the morning.

How does it work?

Rosemary oil has the power to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and make hair grow faster. It will enhance your scalp health, and that will give you long hairs.

Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil for hair

Castor oil will moisturize your hair.

How do you put castor oil in your hair?

  • Take 2-3 tsp of castor oil according to your
  • Make it little warm.
  • Massage on your scalp with it.
  • Do massage with slight fingertips.
  • Keep it overnight
  • Rinse it off.

How does it work?

Castor oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Therefore that will; help your scalp to save it from infections. It has fatty acids protein and vitamins that will increase your health level and will keep your hairs longer and healthier.

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