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Best Food for Hair Growth and Thickness

If you want to enjoy healthy beautiful long hairs then be aware, it does not just depend upon outside treatment, but eating good food is an essential point to make it possible.

Which food is good for hair growth?

Following are the foods that help hairs become healthy and thicker.

Red meat:


red meat for hair

Use of less iron in food leads to thin and unhealthy hair.

Women eat less red meat and have a deficiency if iron, therefore, often women have thin hairs. Red meat has iron, and it will give hairs strength and thickness.




Whole grain such as buckwheat or bajra wheat and oats are full of iron, zinc and vitamin b. All these things are just the best for hairs thickness.

Brown rice:


Brown rice

Brown rice has another food type have more iron and more zinc. It will help your hairs to become shinier and thicker.

Eggs for hair growth:


eggs for hair growth

Eggs are the part of meat family.

It has rich protein level which helps your hair to regrow and become more beautiful and thick.



carrots for hair

Carrots have beta-carotene and have a high capacity to make hairs beautiful.

However, there are some more foods which have a high level of protein and are best for hairs.

Such as:

  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Yogurt
  • Potato
  • Egg


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